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How can I expand my territory?

Click the lands adjoining your own lands. Press "Attack" or "Go" and then answer the questions.
Each land has HP. Once you answer correctly, the HP will be decreased based on the difficulty level of questions. You will own the land when the HP decrease to zero. 

How to select questions?

1. Web version:
You could select the questions that you would like to practice by clicking "My Classes" → "Question Source"→ "Select Chapters" on Game Map.
Or you could practice official or teacher's missions by clicking "Treasure Chest"→ "Mission Book".

2. App version:
Please click on the "More" button on the upper right corner→ "Exercises" or "Missions" to select questions.

What is the energy points? How do I recharge?

Each time you attack a land you will consume some energy points. Your energy points will slowly recover over time.
If you wish to recharge your energy points more quickly, you can use the magic potion or receive energy points from your friends.
Once your energy points is completely used up, it will take about 24 hours to recharge.

What can I do to slow down the consumption of energy points?

It is recommended to use Energy Saving Mode, so you could capture land with less energy points but your attack power reducing significantly at the same time. It is good for players who want to practice plenty of questions within short timeframe.
How to turn on Energy Saving Mode:

Web version: The blue button on the bottom left corner of the Game Map.

App:Click on the icon→ Mode→ Energy Saving Mode

What can I do, if the question is not displayed or is difficult to read?

1. It is recommended to use Google Chrome browser to play for web version games. You could use "View"→ "Zoom in" function or press "ctrl +" on the browser to enlarge text size. Please make sure you have good internet connection speed.

2. For App version, you could use two fingers to zoom out of the question, adjusting the text size to your utmost comfort.

3. If the webpage still cannot display the questions, please click on "Error report". If it is proven true by question creators, you will be given 1000 money and 1 Green Magic Potion.

What should I do if I find errors in the questions?

Please click on "Error report". If it is proven true by question creators, you will be compensated with 1000 money and 1 Green Magic Potion.

Why can't I attack?

1. Your computer might be loading questions. Please wait for a moment.

2. It is recommended to clear your browsing history and then log in again.

3. Please try to open the browser or App again.

How to join the class?

Please request the class code from the teacher or the class manager.

Web version:
Enter class code in "My Classes"→ "My Classes" on the upper Game Map to join.

App version:
Click on "Icon"→ "My Profile" → "Join a new class" to enter the class code to join.

How come my land is getting less?

Land in the game will be captured if attacked by other players. You could recover the land by answering more questions.

How come my land is back to 7?

All your original territory might be occupied by other players but don't be upset! You will be respawned by the system with 7 land so you could make more efforts to take the land back!

What is Holiday Mode?

Holiday Mode will be activated with 300 energy points. After that, you will not be able to attack other players' land and train land. Meanwhile, other players can't attack your land either.
Holiday Mode needs to be activated in Game Setting. Once activated, you won't be able to turn it off for 3 consecutive days.

Why am I in the Holiday Mode?

1. Holiday Mode needs to be activated in Game Setting. Once activated, you won't be able to turn it off for 3 consecutive days.
If the Holiday Mode is not activated by yourself, it is highly advised to revise your password and avoid logging in the game in public computers to prevent any unauthorized use of your account.

2. It is possible that the course is expired. Please contact the teacher or the Course Manager to get a renewal to play.

Why does my novice protection period end earlier?

The novice protection period will end after 7 days. If you attack others or own more than 20 lands, it will also end.