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In addition to credit card payment, is there other way for payment?

We're sorry that we only provide credit card payment so far. As for other payment methods, we will take into consideration. 

Do I have to pay to use PaGamO as a teacher?

PaGamO platform provides free content and functions for teachers in elementary schools, junior high schools and vocational schools in Taiwan for teaching purpose.

How do I buy the content I want?

Browse through our website and select the content you would like to subscribe to! Let us know that you would like to go for a monthly, a semester or an annual subscription. Enter your payment details and you are good to go!

What can I do, if I failed to pay?

You can email us at and provide us with the information: your account, name, last 4 digits of credit card, email, the course name, and the paid time. We will process your request immediately! 

What's the difference between Trial Version and Premium Version?

Trial Version: Less energy points. Up to 16 questions to practice every day and needs to wait for a day to get full energy points to practice questions.

Premium Version: Energy points 6X more than that of trial version. Up to 100 questions to practice every day. Only need to wait 3 hours to practice again!