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Teaching Console

How do I get started as a teacher?

Upon Sign Up, you will be redirected to your teaching console, where you can create your own classes and manage your students. To learn more about how to set up your first class, feel free to check out this video:
PaGamO Tutorial "Classroom management"

How do I create my own class?

Enter your teaching console and find the "Student Management" tab. Simply add a new class by entering the class name and the respective number of students.

How can I invite my students to join my class?

Upon creating a class in your teaching console, you will receive a class code. Hand the class code to your students and they can join your class by entering the code after they have signed up.
If the students are already enrolled on PaGamO, they can enter the class code directly in the “my classes” on the map.

What is a class code?

After you have created a class, PaGamO will generate a class code that identifies this particular class. In order for your students to enroll in your class, they will need to receive the class code.

Why can't students join my class?

There are several explanations:

1. Teachers and students are in the different courses:
E.g. The teacher is in elementary school course whereas the student chooses to be in junior high school course. In light of the situation, student will not be able to join the class by entering the class code.

2. Students enter the code in the wrong field:
The Class Code needs to be entered in "My Classes"→ "My Classes" on the upper Game Map. If you enter the code in the PaCode field on homepage, you won't be able to join the class.

3. Wrong alphabets and numbers for Class Code:
Note if there is an additional space before or after the code.

4. The assigned Seat Number does not exist or is used by other students:
If a Seat Number is used by other student, next student who enter the same Seat Number will not be able to join the class. The teacher needs to revise the Seat Number of the occupier from "Teaching Console" → "Manage Students" and then invite the student to join again.
If the teacher does not choose "Auto Assign Seat Number" when establishing a class, then students don't need to enter seat numbers to join.

5. Class is full:
If the class is full, students cannot join. The teacher has to click on "Teaching Console"→ "My Classes"→"Add" to increase the number of students allowed in this class.

Can I use different books and resources to teach my students in PaGamO?

Absolutely! We encourage you to use as many of our provided materials from the content library. To individualize your teaching, you can always upload your own exercises in your question bank!

How do I build my own question bank?

Go to "My Contents" in your teaching console! You will be able to create and upload your questions and exercises here!

Which kinds of question types are supported on PaGamO?

We support a range of question types and are constantly expanding this range! Right now we offer: Multiple choice, true or false, fill in the blank, and reading comprehension questions.

Why can't students find my assignment in Question Source?

The questions you created in the question bank can only be seen by assigning MISSIONS to the students. The students CAN'T see them in the QUESTION SOURCE.

How do I create assignments?

In the Assignments tab, you can use our question filters to quickly find the exercises you would like to assign. Either select the questions manually or select the amount of questions and their difficulty levels and PaGamO will create the assignments exactly according to your wishes!

How do I assign missions to my students?

Assigning missions essentially means giving your students an assignment, be it homework, quizzes or in-class assignments.
Select the respective assignment, add a new mission by setting mission name, description, date and rewards. Then pick the class or group you would like to assign the mission to. Now you're ready, set, go!

How do I reward my students?

To reward your students you can select special prizes for those students who successfully complete their assignments. The prizes and rewards can be chosen when you assign a mission.
Note that you cannot choose unlimited rewards and will have to use your QPs (question points) to "purchase" them.

What does QP mean?

QP stands for question point. Teachers receive 5 QP each time a student answers a question correctly. The more your students participate and the better they perform, the more question points you will have and can then use to reward your students!

Why do my students not receive the mission after I have assigned it?

When assigning a mission, remember to confirm the correct time span for the assignment. Your students may not be able to see the mission, because the deadline has already passed or the mission start date was set to a later time.

Why do my students not receive the reward after completing their mission?

There are two possible reasons:

1. The students have not yet clicked the "Receive" button in the mission book

2. Other students who complete the mission earlier have already taken all the rewards. (A student can only receive a reward)